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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spring Cleaning on Hold

Well I had intended on joining in the spring cleaning challenge at Biblical Womanhood but as the name reminds us - it is for normal people and normal people have interuptions.

Interuptions like sick and fussy little ones, a messy house because they have been sick for several days and a surprise order for 145 cupcakes for tomorrow. I can tell you there will be no spring cleaning here this week.

I'll settle for surviving this week! But you know, you can still bring glory to God in your "surviving".

So I thought I would share anyway to help motivate myself. Today I need to tidy the kitchen, bake my cupcakes, make chicken stew for dinner and care for my little ones. My baby just wants to be held so far and since he isn't light - it should be interesting!

Though today was laundry day - I'm sure it will still be there tomorrow to do! Tomorrow will also bring icing cupcakes, delivering them and then getting to that laundry! I am thankful for my mother who will watch my little ones tomorrow so I can deliver the cupcakes without sick babies!

As I gaze at my kitchen, look at my snooby-nosed toddler and smile at my wailing baby - I think about the cupcakes I need to bake and I realize that this is a good day to give the Lord the credit when I make it through! I'd best start out by praying.

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  1. I just cleaned them with Windex and paper towels. It was a bright day, so I just kept wiping till I didn't see streaks. Although I hear newspaper works best. I've never tried it though.


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