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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pictures of Our Family

This is the first post on my very own blog! I have been following a few blogs for a year or so now but had never considered starting one until now. I'm too busy and who has time for a blog?!?
At the not-so-gentle nudging of my I am!

So let me introduce myself:
  • Scott and I married in 2005 in Italy and honeymooned there and in France. It my adventure of a lifetime!

  • I have a daughter named Chloe (2007) and a son named John (2008); both of which keep me very busy as a stay-at-home mommy.

  • I am trying to earn an income from home and am currently watching a little girl the same age as my daughter 3 days a week, I bake cupcakes for a local company once a month and am trying to so some lunch catering for local businesses as well.

  • I love to read, enjoy eating chocolate and love to be outside.

  • I enjoy expressing my opinion (in a nice way I think!) and that is why my husband was insistent that I needed to create a blog.

  • I love to wear an apron around the makes me feel domestic :)

  • I enjoy reading about home-making, child-rearing and becoming a better wife and mother. I want to be the wife and mother that God designed me to be...and I have quite a ways to go :) I want to Embrace the Beautiful Calling that God gave me.

This is me when I was expecting our daughter Chloe (Dec 2006).

This is Chloe and John a couple weeks ago. There is only 7lbs (and 18 months) between them!

This is Chloe waiting for her guests (cousins) to arrive for her Birthday Party.

So this is my little family and this concludes the end of my first post.

:) Jenn

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