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Thursday, February 26, 2009


And as is a picture of my fabulous Reitmans umbrella I mentioned here.
I really do love to shop at Reitmans.
Their clothing is affordable and they usually have sales and a mark-down rack for an extra deal. They also have a great selection of styles. I am generally a pretty conservative dresser and definitely a modest dresser. Though Reitmans has some things that I feel are too revealing, they still have a lot of clothing that meets my standards for dressing modestly. That is hard to come by nowadays.
The thing I love most about Reitmans is that the clothing fits me. "Designed for Real Life" not only applies to their styles but also their sizing. They have fashions that fit petites, regular, tall and plus.
I do find their dress selection limited and in the summer their sundresses seem to be geared more towards taller or slimmer people (not me!) and there are too many strapless or spaghetti straps for my tastes but overall...I couldn't be happier!
I would say that 90% of my clothing is from Reitmans because it is one of the few places that the quality, price, style and sizing all line up with my needs. Check them out today!
Sadly this is the most slimming picture I could get. Thank you to Reitmans for the umbrella and a big *thank you* to my DH who patiently took many photos so I could have a selection to choose from. For anyone following Tune-Up Tuesday - it's going really well so far!

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